Last Island

My friend’s gift was the most beautiful gift in the world for me.  Is there a better gift than the book on Earth? I certainly do not. 🙂
Again another excellent Livaneli book…
This book is very exciting.
The world in the book was like heaven.
The island was like in my dreams.
 A green island away from the rules, from the bad people and from bad thoughts. Until the President comes… Until the president brings the persecution to the island.
The peace and concern on the island was very realistic. The details were important to visualize the island. “Last Island” is meaningful as Seagull – Jonathan Livingston and Animal Farm (George Orwell). Does people give up the actuals? Will the force and threat change the actual ? Will you choose the right one? All the wrongs of the strong person are perceived the true. Is it do? Are you changing the truths, for against bullying? The wrong, how many times is repeated ?
 Think a little here and your guide is truth from your heart. There are  no names, there are circle numbers in the book’s lines… Like a puzzle. There will be chaos in your thoughts to find out which number the hero belongs to. For example, I spent a lot of effort for find to the number 1. I thought I found it, but it did not. Island people are constantly making mistakes. Innocent seagulls are being killed and the whole ecosystem is changing. The people of the island are silent against the events. Everybody is silent; except author, son of grocery store, and Lara. As events continued, I heard the seagull voices: poor and stubborn.
“If there is evil in one place everyone is a little guilty.” Zülfü Livaneli
That’s right. Everyone was guilty.
Utopia is converted to dystopia.
The facts and the author’s lines are the same.
 “The wind does not obey the prohibition,
Seagulls and human hearts can’t be ruled by chains.”
These lines are still in my mind.
Praise for “Last Island”
“Human nature and authority come face to face Livaneli’s unparalelled, creative novel (Las Island). The author invites us to rethink about the worldwe live in.” -Prof. Lenore Martin (Harvard University) 
“With this novel (Last Island) Livaneli has entered through  the grand gates of literature.” Yashar Kemal ( The legendary Turkish author) 
You should read this book. 🙂
 Stay with art and book. 🙂

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