Entropy and Life / Definition of Entropy

Entropy is a topic I have long been thinking about writing about.There is no position, state, person, device and so on that is not related to entropy in the environment.

First, I will briefly describe entropy in terms of thermodynamics.Then I will give examples from life about entropy.

Entropy is essentially a thermodynamic term that represents the thermal energy that can not be converted to mechanical work.

Entropy is the second law of thermodynamics and is denoted by “S”.

Entropy, often referred to as randomness and irregularity in a system, is used for many different topic that statistic, math etc.

Entropy; Is related to the loss of the energy that provides the layout, so when we do not have the energy of layout, the entropy is in our system.

I guess everybody heard the expression “the universe is expanding”, this is exactly related to entropy.

The entropy of the universe is in a continuous increase, and there is no other area to throw entropy of the universe. Hence universe is expanding.

“Throw Entropy” !  What is this ?

I will explain this, but let’s try to understand entropy with some more daily examples.

  • Imagine a chalet, a very well-kept chalet.

If no one goes to the chalet for years, there will be bulges and demolitions on the walls of the house.

In this case, the entropy is that the house starts to wear out and collapse.It happens spontaneously, without the need for energy.

If there is no arrangement with consciousness and energy, nature will work for entropy.

After a very long time as a result, the mountain house will be completely combined with nature.


  • Another example is an abandoned car in the nature. Over time, corrosion and wear will occur.



  • Now think about your home, it is constantly dusty and messy, and as a result you are clearing and organizing your house consciously using your physical energy.After a short time, home will be back to their previous state and you will organizing your home. It is endless loop.

Before untidy and after tidy wardrobe with colorful winter cloth

The universe is constantly trying to increase entropy in every field. Against this attitude of the universe, we are trying to create areas that are less entropy .

For examples:

We organize our house

We do our car maintenance

We clean our rooms.

All of these provide less entropy for these.

Throw Entropy :

Think about the dust that flows in sink after the cleaned room.

Think of the hot air blowing outside of the home while cooling your room with air conditioner.

Dust, hot air, rust … All of this means entropy.

We want to get rid of the entropy every field. (If you do not like disarray :))

For example, think about your refrigerator is always more regular (cooler) than outside, refrigerator provides this by continuously consuming energy.

If you cut off the electricity, the inside temperature of the cupboard will immediately be out of balance and the irregularity will increase.


Entropy increases with temperature.

The entropy here is the heat radiating from the refrigerator (you feel the back of your refrigerator is hot, especially in summer).

Refrigerator Diagram.jpg

On the above diagram shows, entropy (heat) is thrown out of the refrigerator. This is enough to understand of “throw entropy”.

The refrigerator will throw its entropy (heat) into the room and the entropy of the room will increase.

In the last situation:

The entropy in the refrigerator is in the kitchen. (by refrigerator)

The entropy of the room is outside the house. (by air conditioner)

There is an entropy mechanism flowing between such systems.

Up to the universe. The situation for the universe is different …

The universe does not have an area to throw away unnecessary entropy.

For this reason, it continues to expand.


What about life?

We are trying to life at the time between birth and death.

We are great effort for this.

This effort is join our destiny and our life is here 🙂

Entropy starts for our body on the last day when our energy is over.

Entropy increase so fast and our body disappears in a short time.

This is relationship between entropy and our life.


Stay with science and art 🙂







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