Boring Cities and the Reaction of Art

Cities are in the shadows of buildings that rise quickly and are often aesthetically weak.

Charming, historic neighborhood homes are replaced by boring houses that resemble high alike.

In addition, natural areas are gradually decreasing day by day.

We need new living spaces and the cities are filling with concrete building.

There is no time to keep the dates and memories of the lost. Change is fast and continues to accelerate every day.

Melbourne is busy making towers for around 2,000 new people a week.

Old houses are disappearing quickly and new ones are being built.

Like many other cities, unfortunately there is nothing we can do against this change.

However art has shown its reaction to bad cases and non aesthetic build.

Our artist Rone and his project “Omega Project”, which transformed a building marked for destruction in Melbourne into an art gallery and brought out the city’s people for a 100-year time lane.

The house was destroyed last week but the temporary project attracted a lot of attention by many people.

Melbourne is a city famous for its street art and Rone is one of the most important artists in the city.

Let’s take a closer look at his works.

  • The house that marked for demolition and demolished.
3000 (15).jpg
via : Rone, Tyrone Wright, Carly Spooner

And wonderful works about the house:

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You can visit the house 360 degrees with the link below, I definitely recommend you to experience that atmosphere, you will feel the history.

Click for a 360 degree tour.


“Omega House” full of nostalgic goods is taking us back in time, just like a time machine.

I wanted to live in a past time when cities seemed quieter and more charming. If there is such a period.

Stay with art and serenity.


– New World –




Rone (Instagram account)

Carly Spooner ( Photographer )

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