About Food Additives

Hello dear readers. 🙂

I talked about ‘Food Additives’ last week. This week I am going to give examples of food additives. Let’s start. 🙂


E 100 (Curcumin): Root of the turmeric includes curcumin. Gives yellow-orange color.

E 104 (Quinoline Yellow): A kind of colorant. Causes inflammation in human skin. It is usedin hair care products. This food additives is prohibited in the USA, Australia and Norway.

E 120 (Carmine): This food additives obtained from an insect spices and causes allergic reactions. We must consume it carefully.

E 122 (Azorubin, carmosine): It is produced chemically and causes asthma attacks. I must remind this food additive is prohibited in Sweden, the USA, Austria and Norway.

E 127 (Eritrosin): It is another food additive that is chemically produced.

E 140, E 141 (Chlorophyll): This food additives obtained from green plants.

E 162: It is obtained from beet root.

E 163 (Anthocyanin): It is obtained from fruits and plants.

E 210, E213 (Benzoic Acid): This food additives  auses neural impairment and hyperactivity in addition used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

E 250 (Sodium Sulphite): It is used to extend the shelf life. If you have sulphite sensitivity, you should be careful. This food additive causes headaches and breathing problems.

E 330 (Citric Acid) Antioxidant: Also called lemon acid. Cheese and cheese products, rye bread and canned fish products contain citric acid.

E 407 (Carrageenan): This food additive is a preservative and thickener. In addition causes poisoning and cancer.

E 621 (Mono Sodium Glutamate): Also called ‘China Powdet’ or ‘MSG’. This food additive causes addiction, obesity, parkinson, huntington and epilepsy. A kind of sweetener. Chips, crackers, package soup and frozen foods contain MSG.

E 951 (Aspartame): A kind of sweetener. Powder-liquid beverages, candies, fruity yogurts contain aspartame. The side effects of this food additive is numerous. (headache, migraine, nausea, weight gain, fatigue,palpitations, insomnia, impaired vision, speech impairment and memory loss etc.)


All of food addivites should be used according to Turkish Food Codex, Food Additives Regulation.

For example;

  • Food additives should be used for the health and flavor of food. There may be microbiological  deterioration in processed meat products if food additives are not used. ‘Botulism’ may occur.
  • Fats may oxidized if antioxidant food additives are not used and then peroxides may occur.

So we must always be careful!

Stay with science and health… 🙂

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