What is Probiotic?

Hi dear readers, I will talk about probiotics. 🙂


Probiotics are microorganisms that heal our health, which prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria. This word means ‘suitable for alives’. We encounter the most ‘probiotic foods’ in life so ‘foods suitable for alives’. They are taken by mouth and most of them are lactic acid bacteria.Yogurt increases body resistance. Let’s look at the benefits of probiotics.

  • They clean the intestines.
  • They prevent intestinal inflammation.
  • They prevent diarrhea and constipation.
  • They strengthen the immune system.
  • They help to lose weight.
  • According to a research probiotics reduce the psychological problems.
  • Regularly taking probiotics increace our quality of life.

The most known probiotics are yogurt, cheese and kefir. I have talked about kefir. Let’s examine the yogurt. Let’s now examine the yogurt.


Benefits of Probiotics Source of Yogurt

  • Yogurt has a component called tyrosine. This component strengthens our memory.
  • The aminoacids in the yogurt help to burn fat.
  • Keeps the body acidity in balance.
  • Yogurt is the source of natural probiotic.
  • Yogurt has C and B12 vitamins.
  • And the yogurt has potassium, sodium, calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • Strengthes your muscles.
  • Protect your red blood cells.
  • It helps your nervous system.
  • A bowl of yogurt a day prevents hypertension.
  • Lactic acids in the yogurt are useful for your dental health.
  • Yogurt refreshes your skin.

Yogurt is very useful for our health. We must consume natural probiotic produtcs regularly. If necesarry, we can do nutritional supplements.

Stay with science and health. 🙂


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