Functional Foods

Are you one of those picky people while eating? I don’t distinguish between the meals I want to mean by choise.  You have consciously taken in enough and balanced manner fro the nutrients required for your health. A majority may not even be aware that you are being selective, but don’t forget that your health is everything to you.

I want to talk to you about functional foods today, dear bibalonbijoje readers, let’s start.

What does functional food mean?

Many people who are increasing awareness about what they eat today are trying to take precautions before they get sick. To take these precautions,

The length of the average life time

Increasing number of elderly people in society

Increasing treatment cost of diseases and

People’s desire to live a quality life is influential.

Foods that we consume in our daily food form in the form of food, which do not contain synthetic ingredients, have nutritional value, reduce the risk of illnesss, develop health and good state, are called functional foods. It also includes nutraceuticals, designer foods, pharmafoods, medifoods and vitafoods.

Functional food was first introduced in Japan at the beginning of the 1980s by the Japanese goverment to support analyzes and studies on functional foods. And the specially prepared physiologically effective foods, FOSHU, (Foods for Specific Health Use) have been published.

In Health Canada, functional foods are described as traditional food-like foods with proven physiological benefits.

The Turkish Food Act also defines functional foods as nutritious effects as well as health protective effects healing or reducing the risk of disease and these effects are scientifically proven foods.

A functional food should have such factors as probiotic microorganisms and prebiotic substances.


Functional Foods;

  • A natural food containing a functional agent,


  • Foods to which a functional effect is added for a healthy effect,

ionized salt, omega-3 fatty acid egg, antioxidant

  • Foods that are released as a harmful compound that is found naturally without the addition of food to the structure,

sodium reduced salt, cholesterol

  • Chemically modifying components to enhance health,

the use of Fe+3, yogurt-protein-bioactive peptide

  • Increasing the bioavailability of components found in food,

carotene+lipid, processed tomato-lycopene

and functional foods such as food prepared by different combinations thereof.

The functional foods we refer to should normally be similar to consumed food, not in the form of medicines or capsules.

If communities are made aware of functinal foods, healthier generations can be trained.

Be a nice weekend, stay with science and art. 🙂


Erbaş, M. Turkey 9th Food Congress: Functional Foods as a New Food, 791-794

Ege University, Department of Food Engineering, Biochemistry, Food Biochemistry Approach in Functional Food Science, Prof. Dr. Sibel Karakaya




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