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Silence is dominant this morning in my window stubbornness of the city’s rapid livelihood… It’s like the city is trying to remember something, an old memorial this morning. At the tip of your tongue, as if to say… What’s worrying about your eyes clouding you? ”Tell me,too” I look like a dude with a friend. I wonder what a human

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The missing pages are from my notebook… Some are folded in some places, other pages are out in some places…As we look back, the individual stories come alive, the characters change only on some pages, but the game is always the same, as we know … Where there is no love, it hurts, our hearts hurt someone else.Sometimes you want

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Nobody is aware, the words touch the heart. Sometimes, words are annoying, it breaks our hearts. We forgot sentences like ‘Thank you!’, ‘Sorry!’ and ‘You’re right!’ We are rude. We do not care. We come from ignoring the goodness and respect. We do not care kindness. We are living without poem. But poem civilizes our intelligence. Our intelligence affects our

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